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April 20, 2009


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Polly Boyette

Very nice story. I go to Wave Church and I'm very familiar with Hillsong's music. I got an e-mail from your husband saying you guys were in Starbucks yesterday while I was being interviewed. It's so funny how God works things out. I wish you well in your writing. I like the idea of "adult bedtime stories." Best of luck with your writing and stories. It's a great way to spread the gospel.

Connie Wyatt

I've read this several times now, and it speaks to me EVERY time! Anne, thank you for all that you do for His kingdom!

hellen nakyajja

this is such an amazing story.i have been and still in the wilderness.i felt all alone but thanks to this story because i have now got the answer to all this pain.i have learnt i am not stretching this far alone and God is up to something.I pray that idont give up till tne end.


Thank you so much, Hellen! I understand how you feel. I was there too for a while. I don't think you will give up. Why? Because GOD will never give you up. You don't have to hold onto Him. HE has ahold of YOU! God has you in His hand. He will never leave you or forsake you.

I'd also like to invite you to my Facebook page. I believe it will help you feel more connected to other Christians and to HIM: http:www.facebook.com/thewatchmanscall


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